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Rev. Bradford E. Scott, Pastor
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Thanks for your support. Together, and with the help of Thrivent, we were able to raise about $3000 on Teresa's behalf, and look forward to presenting that money to her.
Teresa Scheibel, a worker at Associated Eye Care, was diagnosed in 2006 with Multiple Sclerosis. Since then, she has had to deal with many health issues on top of the financial burden of high deductibles. This past year she suffered permanent damage to her right leg due to new lesions on her brain. This has made it very difficult for her to walk and perform the simplest of tasks during the day.  

Teresa was recently introduced to a device called a Walkaide which has the capacity to make walking much easier for her. The device is strapped around her leg, sending an electric shock to the nerve in her leg which makes her leg move and makes daily life much easier for her. Unfortunately, the cost of the device is $5,000.00, and is not covered by her insurance.  

Teresa has had to reduce her work schedule to part time because, without the device, it is too difficult to get through the day. We often take for granted how easy it is to just get up and walk to the kitchen and get something to drink. For Teresa, such simple things have become very daunting tasks.

Co-Sponsored by Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
As a result of this benefit, we will be able to present Teresa with a check for about $3000 to help her in the purchase of the Walkaide. The people of Good Shepherd thank you for 
your interest and support on behalf of Teresa. We invite you to join us when we present to her the proceeds from our benefit, and will announce soon those specific details.
Teresa and some of her supporters.
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